Setup for up coming Linux release


For the upcoming Linux release, will i need to load a distro of linux into my NUC? If so, which one do you recommend? Would like to get everything setup in anticipation.



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Depending on your degree of proficiency I’d install Ubuntu server if you’re wanting most things taken care of for you, otherwise Arch Linux because it’s lean and doesn’t load programs and services you probably won’t need. It’s fast, but typically requires a user comfortable with Linux.

Thank you! I was able to set up my NUC i7 with arch linux. Even took care of it’s problem of always wanting to boot from the HDD first. (the reason I gave up on Jriver Linux ID, I could not fix it after chroot’ing etc). I have a minimal installation.

Another question I have: Will I need a desktop environment? Or will this be covered by Roon?


You won’t need a desktop environment if you’re controlling Roon via a tablet. Having said that, I do hope there is a desktop build for Linux too because sitting at your PC you don’t want to have to resort to a tablet to manage playback.

Wait, Evand, do you know this for a fact or are you just speculating?

I now as fact that you do not need a desktop environment if you’re controlling Roon via tablet. I have Roon server running headless on windows server and controlled via Roon on an Android tablet right now.

I mean whether Linux will have to be loading into the computer first. There are a few software versions that do include linux. Ap Linux, Jriver ID, etc.

Sorry, I’ve no idea what you’re asking?

My original question was whether the Linux version of roon would include an OS or whether it will go on top of one. If the latter, what distro would be best.

I’d wager it’s a certainty that Roon will ship without OS. Re distro, I’d go with Arch.

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Cool. Now just waiting for its release

silence…and waiting for the update

Aroio - das smarte Musiksytem für den Raspberry Pi

Do you plan to implement Roon into the Aroio image?

if possible,yes. But roon’s preference is SSD and not the small memorycard.

time will tell; probably not this year.

What is the latest news on the Linux release.

second quarter 2016. If not after summer :frowning:

It this statement based on fact from Roon or just speculation on your part ?

Where did you hear this?

I suspect he’s expressing personal sentiment.