Setup help: Synology DS218+/mac mini

I just signed up for a lifetime Roon sub, bought a Synology ds218+ and signed up with TIdal. My music library is about half a terabyte. I want to use the diskstation as a server, while running Roon core on my mini. The diskstation will serve a couple of macs, 3 iPads and 3 iPhones. I could use some setup tips before I get too far into this. Thanks.

Tip #1: turn on SMB file service in your Synology
Tip #2: turn on Windows File Sharing in the SMB File Sharing options on the Mac Mini (Sharing control panel)
Tip #3: mount your music folder, copy it’s loction from the Get Info box and paste it into the Add Network Share dialog in Roon Settings
Tip #4: connect everything else to the Roon Core running on your Mac Mini

That should do it. Hopefully your Mini is wired to the Synology.

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In addition to Jose_R_Nieves tips above, I’d like to recommend checking out some of our documentation in the Roon Knowledge Base.

For a beginner’s guide and information on making sure your setup is configured for optimal performance, I recommend checking out these articles:

If you have any questions during setup and beyond feel free to reach out to us. Our support team is always glad to help.

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Don’t forget to also create a scheduled Roon database backup that is stored somewhere on the NAS.

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