Setup Moving Nucleus Core

Hi, I have my Roon core set up on my Win 10 PC, I just got my new Nucleus today and am a bit lost about how to “move” my core to the Nucleus. I’ve also added a DAC Streamer and reconfigured everything. I downloaded Roon remote to my Samsung phone. When I use the remote to “Choose Your Roon Core” the app finds my Win 10 but the connection fails. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Just a user here, not a Nucleus user either, but recommend to consult
the Nucleus migration guide
from Roon’s knowledge base, if you haven’t done so, yet.
Good luck!

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Thank you.

Now my prob is that my Nucleus won’t connect to my network… I have a green blinking LED on the right side of the ethernet connection, but a yellow LED on the left.

Nucleus does not show up in choose Your Core.

See here what these LEDs tell you:

If that yellow/orange LED does not blink, there’s a link but no activity.

As I’m no Nucleus user, my only advice is to please use the Nucleus User Guide in the knowledge base before posting here.
If all info there does not get you up and running, get help here.

Good luck and crossing fingers here…

Hi @Todd_Carter — Sorry for the trouble here!

When you connect the Nucleus to the network are you able to access the Nucleus Web Administration Interface?

Have you tried using different Ethernet cables?

What is your router? Are you connecting the Nucleus to it directly or are you connecting to a switch or any other networking devices?