Setup Roon and DAC

Folks I have a set up question on DACs.

Have a Roon Nucleus. Can I come out one of the usb connections directly into usb on any dac and get full RAAT compatible? Or do I need to forgo built in wifi streamer and get a streamer that outputs usb, allo?

Looking at a dac that is roon ready but resolution is only pcm192 & dsd64 on Wifi and spidif. To get pcm396 & dsd512 it is only usb.

I moved the post to its own thread.

I’d have to say mostly. It’s worked with every DAC I tried, which is about five. I don’t know about your DAC since you didn’t say what it was.

Yes, but the OP asking whether it is using RAAT protocol.

I guess because he thinking of grouping endpoints.

Yes Slim. I would like to group multiple zones and other roon features.

Your point helps me clarify my question.

If any dac is connected direcly to a Nucules via usb does it function as a roon endpoint? Also does it need to be roon compatible?

I have not mention a brand simply because I am shopping for a dac. The resolution seems to be highest on many dacs only through usb.

I don’t think a USB connected DAC will use RAAT since it is not technically on a network, but it will be seen as a Roon endpoint and can be grouped with other zones. Not all the DACs I’ve tried were Roon Ready, but they all worked fine. Having said that, I don’t believe all DACs can use all of Roon’s features since not all USB implementations are the same. Best advise is to figure out which DAC (or DACs) you’re interested in and read through the forums to see if there are any problems or limitations. There’s a mountain of experience here with pretty much every DAC on the market.

If I had to guess, I would guess that a DAC connected to the Core machine, Nucleus or otherwise, via USB would not be using RAAT.

Also, one can only connect like endpoints together. RAAT with RAAT, Sono with Sonos, etc.

OTOH, it seems strange that an DAC connected to the Core couldn’t be grouped with RAAT endpoints, so who knows?

Someone more technical will chime in with an answer that is better than a guess.

Roon Ready means a device, DAC or streamer (e.g.), that can communicate with Roon over the network without needing RoonBridge.

That is a slightly different thing than your other question.

Thanks David.
Thanks Slim.

If you connect via USB it does indicate RAAT in the chain but obviously it never actually gets converted to IP.

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