Setup Suggestions?

Hello All,

I am about to take the plunge into Roon. Any suggestions on how to set up my current hardware for ultimate HiRes playback would be much appreciated. Here’s the list:

Listening Room: 2018 Mac Mini (base model) connected via usb to Bryston BUC-1 connected via AES/EBU cable to Bryston BDA1 DAC connected to ROTEL Amps.

Other Computers: 2015 5K 27" Imac, 2013 Macbook Pro with 512 Gig SSD, 2012 27" IMAC.

Couple of Ipad Pros, Iphone

Storage/Network Devices: 18TB RAID Lacie Big5 Pro NAS, Lacie Thunderbolt 2 6TB NAS

I have about 20,000 high res files in WAV and FLAC formats.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Don’t happen to have a Bryston BDP-1, 2 or 3 do you? That would be a Roon compatible endpoint.

Use the Mini as core (Roon Server) and add the NAS locations as SMB in storage settings.

all other computers mobile devices as Control endpoints.

I read that having the core and player on the same computer is not ideal for HiFi playback. If the Mini is my player and core will I suffer any loss of quality because of this?

Try it…is the best way to tell…trust your own ears not what others might say. You can always move the Core if you want and have another machine available to run it…but if you run the mini 24/7 then that’s the best place imho AND for Roon performance.

A Rpi endpoint is an option too or others like sonore etc…but they can always come later.

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