Setup Tidal last night, strangely by doing so it eliminated all my Libraries

Brian, Mike. I decided to give Tidal a try last night. Strangely, by doing so, it eliminated all my Libraries. They are totally gone from Roon. In fact, getting the same darn error messages that I began with! “Watching AFP mounted folders is not supported. Use SMB instead”

Aargh, two steps forward, one step back it seems.

Also note, that I too am having hang ups with Roon loosing HQP connection req. me to stop the vol, and hit the play again which typ. works.

Can anyone help again? Kind of a bummer I can’t listen to my library.

Hey @fore – can you tell us a little more about your settings in DSM? Is there a specific reason you have AFP enabled?

Mike, b/c that’s what 1. Worked before. 2. Is the format that comes up when simply using Add Folder via Finder.

Its totally inconsistent too. First it simply worked worked by going to Finder and simply clicking on folder, the AFP mounted right up. Then it didn’t work (my first post here), then I got it working again, and then lastly when I added Tidal, the entire Library vanished.

My DSM settings have both SMB and AFP abled. I tried using the SMB addy from DSM and I always get Invalid Network Path Specified. I can connect to the server either way too.

Lastly, I have ‘enable SMB 3’ under Win Protocol

Well, as soon as I wrote this, I just tried it again…by simply using Finder to go to Exact Same Folder as before…but now it’s working again! It’s importing now…Mike, I changed absolutely Nothing…there’s something going on here to keep having such inconsistent results.

But hell, just glad it’s working again…So Strange!

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