Several Critical System Failures with 1.8


My Roon setup performed flawlessly until 1.8. Since upgrading below are a summary of SOME of the issues. These issues have basically made my streaming setup unusable. Feedback and help is appreciated.

** Core:** sonictrasporter i5 version 2.8 (build 764)

** Remote:** Macbook Pro running Roon 1.8 (build 764)

** Network Details:** Modem - Unifi 8 Port Switch, direct into an Esoteric N-05 via ethernet

Audio Devices: Esoteric N-05 connected via ethernet, Bluesound Node 2i (WiFi), Bluesound Soundbar (WiFi), and an AudioQuest Cobalt (Connected to MacBook Pro via USB)

Description Of Issue

  • Roon doesn’t recognize either all or most of my End Points on my MacBook, iPhone, or iPad. This is my biggest issue. This issue in itself disables my entire system. My endpoints consist of an Esoteric N-05, Bluesound Node 2i, Bluesound Soundbar, and an AudioQuest Cobalt. All of all connected and functioned perfectly pre 1.8.

  • When on the rare occasion I can connect to an End Point and play an album the entire lower function/playback bar is not responsive and says “Nothing Playing.” Even though a song is playing the play button is grayed out and not functional, I cannot pause or play another track (can only start playing an album from the album view)

  • When and if I can connect to the Esoteric N-05 End Point, the device does not recognize that Roon is playing a track. Pre 1.8, the N-05 would display various playback info.

You have of cause updated Sonictransporter as well as everything else ?

As stated in my original post my Sonictransported is running version 2.8 (build 764). Is that not the correct version?

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