Several issues with setup

FWIW, I am a new roon strand have the nucleus +.

I’ve had several issues that may warrant opening tickets for.

  1. When I was using the nucleus + in to my Dave/blu MKII, I would get an extremely distorted sound. This happened when I start my listening session. I’d have to activate and/or deactivate the eq to get a clean signal. I believe the toggle for upsampling or headroom management also removed the distortion. Point being,after I toggled one of these settings,the sound became normal.
    I’ve since added the lumin u1 as a an endpoint and usb out from there to dave. That has fixed the issue which leads me to believe it’s a problem with the nucleus+

  2. Accessing room through the note 9 Samsung phone does not allow me to click and add a song as favorites. When I attempt to click the heart button in the roon app, nothing happens. It’s as if the button is not active.

  3. Also on the note 9, sometimes when I enter my home and open roon, it perpetually searches for roon nucleus but doesnt find it. Sometimes a phone restart helps,but not sure why that would be necessary everytime. Nucleus +, lumin u1and the note 9

Those are the major gripes so far. Curious if anyone else has experienced these issues.

I really enjoy room and do feel it is transformative to the listening experience. I do hope these kinks are worked out.

Hi @Adam_Gorberg,

Thanks for reaching out, let me address your reports in part.

It sounds like you resolved this behavior, but if it does re-occur, I would kindly request a screenshot of your Signal Path when you had audio playing. Signal path shows what’s going on in the playback chain and may be useful in debugging this behavior further.

Where are you accessing the tracks from? The “heart” button only works for tracks inside your library. If you are accessing TIDAL/Qobuz tracks from the album details page and not from your library, it is expected behavior that the “heart” won’t work.

What does your network setup look like? In the past I have seen Android devices be a bit more picky with regards to Multicast operating properly on a network. Can you let me know the model/manufacturer of your networking gear and how the Nucleus / Android is connected (both directly to the router?)

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