Several problems with Roon playback, Tidal and connectivity problems

I have just started using Roon. Love the product, but I am beginning ot have major problems with playback. Every so often (and increasingly common) is that playback stops giving an error message saying A Network or Connectivity problem has stopped Tidal playback. It then skips to the next song. I have Sonos connect working fine with Tidal so I don’t think it is my internet connection. Last night Roon started taking 30 seconds or so to start a new track and today I find that I have been signed out of Tidal altogether and it will not let me sign in. I can sign in on Tidal fine on a browser.

This is a real shame because I do like Roon.

My System.

BT Home Hub 4 > Ethernet > Sonictransporter running Roon Core
My Cloud (with my music library 16,000 tracks or so) > Ethernet > BT Home Hub
Naim DACV1 > Microrendu > Unmanaged Gigabit Switch > Ethernet cable > BT Home hub (The TV and Sonos connect is also connected to this switch)

Are you able to move both the SonicTransporter and the My Cloud NAS from your BT Home Hub, and connect them directly to your switch? Try and see if that makes a difference.

I actually set the sonictransporter up initially on the switch. It was this problem that made me move it to connect directly to the router to see if I could solve it. I’m afraid it hasn’t.

So initially you had the ST connected to the switch, and My Cloud NAS connected to the hub? And if you now move both to the switch? What effect does that have?

I can certainly try and move the ST back to the switch to see if that makes any difference. Can I just check the reason for moving the NAS? The major problem is with Roon working with Tidal which to my (perhaps simplistic) way of lookinghas no bearing on the NAS? happy to be corrected.

OK, I have just moved the ST onto the switch and this has allowed me to log back into Tidal on the system. I shall try it this evening to see if the connectivity problems with Tidal continue. I have not as yet moved my NAS. Cheers Neil (thanks for picking this up so quickly)

Hi Neil,

How many total tracks does Roon show in your library in the Tracks screen (this includes Tidal) ?

1238 Albums

Sorry, just edited it to say Tracks. The base model SonicTransporter runs into issues at 24,000 tracks.

Hi, its says 16,847 tracks including Tidal

That shouldn’t be a problem for the base ST.

No I bought this one as my library is not big enough to justify the i5 and with Tidal I don’t buy many CDs these days.

Network issues can be tricky. I had an example recently where using a managed switch caused problems with Roon.

One other thing to check: are all the ports on the BT Home Hub 1 gigabit? I note that my modem/router has four ports; two are 1 gigabit, but the other two are 10 Mbit…

No, only one port is gigabit. Good point. I have connected the switch Ethernet cable into this port

So there’s a chance that your NAS may not be working to its full potential when it’s connected to a slow port on the hub. Another reason to try it on the switch, where it may be able to stretch its legs a bit more…

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