Several suggestions compared to Aurender

So a couple of suggestions:

  1. I noticed even though I in many cases had tagged albums with multiple tags if I select multiple tags your program brought up all the albums with these tags not the sub list of ones that have such tags for instance tags like Christmas, DSD, Female Vocal.

  2. Once you sort for a tag that tag stays which can get confusing when you want to select a whole new search particularly later after you forgot what you tagged before. With my list of about 10 its at times hidden until I scroll and then what I thought I selected now includes the last tag selections.

  3. The location of the tags icon is fine where it is plus in the main drop down but I it would also be nice to have on the main screen next to the upper right search icon as this is another way to search.

  4. In the Aurender app you can search by type of file - DSD, various hi rez types. Would be nice to do that also.

  5. Referring to the [ ] screen in the queue It would be nice for the album art to be larger and in fact most that is displayed could be larger. I’ve been using it as a remote screen that I place on my rack to see what is playing etc. As needed I control with my iPhone. I think the progress bar may be fine but the Artist, Album name etc and the next one up would be nice to be much larger to be seen from a distance and there appears to be pliantly of room on the screen to do this.

  6. There seems to be no way to recognize if a track is MQA at a glance. There is a symbol for Tidal only so at a glance you do not know what it is until you select the purple light thing.

  7. More control of where tracks are moved to within a queque or playlist. Aurender has global options and also quite a menu of options at time of placement. I see no such control in Roon.


Sonically, what are the differences between them?

Here’s a general question…

With the queue, if you add tracks, you want to manipulate them as tracks. What if you add an album to the queue?

So if an album is 10 tracks, you want to see 10 tracks. But if you want to move - do you generally want to move the album, or the tracks?

Or should the queue have the ability to have artist, album etc as columns and you can move within those “hey I feel like listening to Coltrane now but he’s all over my queue”.

Maybe the ability to group tracks with a choice of what to group on. Group by artist. By album. By genre. By tag etc. Then you can manipulate the parent objects. Move them around and the tracks within move. Like a collapsible structure.

Anyone got thoughts about queue management?

+1 Agreed. Tags should be able to be AND’d or OR’d.


Within playlist, the hamburger icon at right of track lets one move it within queue.
When adding an album or track to playlist, a popup menu lets one select placement within current queue.
There is a global option that allows one to either play selected track or play from selected track.