Severe distortion on NAIM Muso

IMAC (late 2013 --2.7 GHZ, intel Core I5) on Catalina 10.15.7



using dragonfly cobalt via audio quest evergreen mini/mini cable to Naim Muso (1st model)


severe distortion running to MUSO. Similar set up running to Schitt Valhalla headphone amp not experiencing any issues.


Do you get distortion out when using headphones or same DAC connected to something else to rule out it’s not the Muso? I used to have a Cobalt and it had no distortion connected to pc running Rock or Raspberry Pi. Ensure volume control in Roon is set to device volume set it to 100% if using lineout if distorting does it stop if your reduce the volume? Could be overloading the musos input (unlikely though) .

Is it on purpose that you do not use the MU-SO built-in DAC? It has a good reputation.

The problem only started recently, so I’m thinking maybe it’s a cable issue or the change in OS to Catalina could be the culprit. The Muso works great via Bluetooth or with USB, so signals aren’t stressing the Muso. I’ll bypass the Cobalt and see how that work.


Bypassing the Cobalt seems to have done the trick. I was using 2 Cobalts (1 for the Muso and 1 re the headphone amp, so maybe they were interfering with each other). Thanks for responding.

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Hi @Glenn_Moore,

Thanks for letting us know you were able to sort this issue out by bypassing the Cobalt!
If you need further assistance with Roon in the future, please just let us know, thanks!

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