Severe shift in system performance

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

AMD Quad-core 3.8; win 10; 16GB RAM

All wired. Linksys 24 Port router

Audio Devices (Specify connection type - USB/HDMI/ect.)

W4S DAC2 connected to Computer Audiophile recommended design

Description Of Issue

Simple: I noticed Roon was slow. Checked the Processing Speed: 3.5; Closed Roon. Reopened Roon. Everything else same. Processing Speed: 9.5

Is there a memory leak?

Hi @James_I,

Has this happened frequently? Was this CPU usage spike seen on the Core machine or a remote device?

Hi Dylan-

A few times before. On the core. I actually don’t know if it was a spike in CPU usage. I looked at the system performance tab and there didn’t seem to be high CPU usage.

I just find it odd that I literally closed and reopened Roon and saw that difference. Didn’t change anything else.

I’m running a visualizer and a browser instance with a web display in it. Not saying there’s no load on that core. Processing speed usually in the mid teens.

Thanks for the info here, @James_I.

Did you notice any other performance issues within Roon while this was occurring?

If you notice it occur once more, please make a note of the time that this occurred, as well as the last few actions that were taken in Roon leading up to this occurring. Respond here with that info and we can enable diagnostics and take a look.


Hi Dylan, yes I did. Roon hung on a search and then told me my tags had no content. That’s what got me up and walking over to the core to look at system usage and processing speed. It was 3 minutes before my post.

Thanks, @James_I.

I’ve passed your report along to the team so they can see if they see similar behavior — If this occurs again please let us know (and please make a note of the time again).

It did this weekend. I noted that it was 8:45 PM CST. However, I don’t recall if that was Saturday night or Sunday night, sorry.

Thanks, @James_I.

I’ve enabled diagnostics on your account. I’ll have the team take a look and I’ll be sure to update you when I receive their feedback.

Thanks. It seems to be progressive: processing speed starts in the teens, then 10, then single digits over about an hour. Close Roon and reopen and it starts again.

As mentioned, I have other things running on the core PC. All music related - a visualizer program and Chrome browser for web display. But the performance “resets” when I close Roon, so I don’t think those are the culprits.

Happening now - 7:43 PM Central Time US; processing speed down to about 5.0 from high teens. Playing to my Wyred4Sound over network and to the core’s system output (for visualizer).

It seems to correlate either to creating tags or performing a lot of searches. As that might imply, I’ve been running searches and tagging things.

Just to follow up. I never closed and reopened Roon and processing speed was back to normal after a period.

Also, I performed a bunch of searches quickly to see if the drop in performance correlated with that. Searches seem to get progressively slower and my processing speed was cut in half.

Do searches truly use that kind of resource? Or is this just a matter of how Processing Speed is calculated, kind of like when my car says I’m getting 86 miles per gallon when I’m going downhill?

The thing is, Roon seems to be genuinely slower after these searches.

Hi @James_I,

Thanks for your patience here while the team has been investigating. I spoke to the team about their findings today.

The team reviewed the diagnostics report and did not find any signs of a memory leak. The team reviewed the report around the time you mentioned and found a few things that point to why you saw the slowdown:

  1. Playback was occurring on 2 Zones, and DSP was applied
  2. At the moment when things slowed down, we were performing a sync with TIDAL — When the app was restarted, this sync was interrupted

You also mention above that this also occurs when doing frequent searches in which Roon is communicating with our servers.

Based on the above, it seems as though the slowdown is stemming from Core performance when many functions are running at once.


Thanks Dylan - I’m sure that’s true. BUT, just to be clear, I always run the two zone with DSP and I’m usually at 15x to 18x. The sync with Tidal, maybe that is it but should that cut performance into 1/3? And performance seems to stay low for a little while after searching. Is there some ongoing function of searches after the results are displayed?

If it’s not a memory leak, then sure it’s not a bug, but maybe there is some performance optimization that needs to be done?

I have not reacted to this tpoic so far, to not interrupt, but I believe now is the time to react.

I do experience exact the same performance issues as described by James_I.

When I do a lot of searches/tagging/… all things related to the database , the performance of Roon is going down rapidly.
Unfortunately I do not have actual numbers, as I have a headless streamer running Linux.
My processor is an AMD 7 Ryzen 2700x, more than adequate to perform all this taks.
Performance on searching/tagging/etc is going down tremendously, however this has no impact on playing music (and I using HQplayer Embedded with poly-sinc-xtr-lp filter on DSD256.

For me this indicates that either:

  1. there really is a memory leak
  2. Roon limits itself to 1 (or max. 2 processors) to do all this tasks.

However, since stopping and restarting my streamer (Pinkfaun 2.16x streamer) everything is working very fast again, I reaaly do believe there is a memory leak.
Unfortunately I cannot proove it. I have made an inquiry at my supplier to see if they have a way to measure this, but no response so far.

Altough it takes some effort/time, this problem can be reproduced over and over again.

I agree this doesn’t act simply like running processes at once. There’s a significant lag afterwards where performance is still significantly degraded.

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