Sf Bay Area Roon Nucleus dealer?

Hi all,

Looking to purchase a Roon Nucleus Plus unit. Is there a local authorized dealer in the Sf Bay Area?

Thank you in advance!


Google is a hell of a tool.


That’s too bad. I’ve found that shop difficult.

They carry loads of great equipment … but their sales approach is odd and a bit of a hustle. (All the other local high-end shops have a more relaxed/open-minded listening and sales approach.)

So I think of them as “blocking” brands in the bay area, rather than offering them in a welcoming environment.


Audio High in Mountain View also carries Nucleus

Thanks guys!

Don’t suppose there are any in the east bay?

Hi Peter –

You can also go to Music Lover’s. I would suggest calling ahead and setting up an appointment with Hugh Fountain (one of the owners). Hugh is a Roon enthusiast and can offer you great service and support.

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I agree re: Music Lovers and Hugh. At an event this past Saturday with Audio Research and Sonus reps and customers, Hugh promoted Roon quite a bit. Would have purchased a Nucleus from them, but Danny offered up one at an earlier date (ahead of dealers) that I couldn’t resist.

I’ve been a long time customer of Music Lovers. They provide excellent products and service.

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Perfect! Thank you steve!

Music Lovers are great. (I didn’t know they’re selling the Nucleus- that’s good news.)

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I second that advise. They were the guys who introduced me to Roon in the first place. But my go to audio dealer now is Peter Lee at Futuresound av.Futuresound AV. They were formerly Audible Difference, and now are in a big, showroom in South San Francisco. At first glance they look a bit disorganized, but Peter knows his stuff, and is phenomenal to work with. I am yet to experience such amazing customer service. Highly recommended. They are also a big NAD dealer and stock the Bluesound Nodes, which are terrific Roon endpoints for the price they sell for.