SGC i5 IP Address Can’t Be Accessed

My SG i5 is running but neither Roon nor my browser can find it at its IP address as indicated at Plus, the MANAGE link on that same page goes nowhere now. Does anyone have a thought? Thank you.

Make sure all network connections are linked up (green led), make sure you’re using the right interfaces. Make sure, if you’re using any static addresses, the first three numbers of the ip address are the same on all devices. Try to ping things. Simplify your network topography. Keep it simple!! Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. I did check those things and even reset my router just in case but still can’t resolve the problems. I did read that someone had a similar problem and had to get a new SIM card from SGC. Not sure if that would apply to me.

Can you access your router? If so you should see a list of ip addresses on your network.

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