Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary, 2 CD Version

I’ve recently purchased the Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2017 version) from HDTracks. This is a 24x96 version of the 2-CD release, not the 4 CD version. I’ve read through Metadata Issues regarding the 2017 release of the 4 & 6 CD version. People were able to get Roon to resolve the bigger versions by manually pointing at individual CDs offered by Roon. Unfortunately the same technique isn’t working with the 2-CD (31 tracks in total) version. The Volumes 2-4 offered by Roon don’t match the 2 disc in this collection.

I’m a bit stuffed here. Ideas?

Just a few minutes ago Roon decided this was the 1967 version of Sgt Pepper. At least this way I can now access lyrics and credits for the first disc, which is really the important one for that information. It would still be nice if Roon recognized the 2-disc set for what it really is.

I’ve got the same HDTracks download and it’s on my TODO list to deal with as Roon can’t identify it, and I don’t see any matches for it in its offerings.

Nothing’s changed for me–still unidentified and still nothing that matches when I look at the offerings.

I don’t have those discs, but by playing around with the tagging and the groupings in Roon, I usually get it to do what I want. But in the meantime, why not just tag it as the 2CD version? It has the same tracks and order as the HDT set, doesn’t it? Or does this not exist in the Roon database? You can even title it something like Sgt. Pepper (24-96) - the addition in parenthesis will appear to you, but will be ignored by Roon when “identifiying” the album.

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From what I can find online, the 2nd CD in the 2 CD set doesn’t match any of the CDs in the larger set, rather appearing to be a subset across the other 3 CDs in the 4 CD set. You’re correct I can tag it and have so it stands out. As long as CD 1 is properly recognized and linked with credits and lyrics I’m good. So I’m happy. Thanks.

I’m still not clear what you’ve done. Do you leave all the tracks? And then you go into “identify album” and select CD 1 from the 2 CD set? I’m not sure I see CD 1. I have to check again (I know I see CD 2 but it’s totally different tracks)

I really did nothing but wait about an hour. At first I tried to find a match in Roon’s pool of choices, but there was no match. So I gave up, walked away and came back later. Roon identified the 2-CD set as the 1967 version. I reckon because CD-1 matches up exactly with the original album, no surprise there, and then for CD-2 I’m guessing it used the meta data in the FLAC files to get the songs right as the titles do match up with the tracks on CD-2. What’s missing on CD-2 though is the credits and lyrics, but I can live with that.

OK, thanks. I add tags to all my albums, but it never recognizes this one. Not sure why. In general I have good luck with the recognition–not the horror stories that some report here.

Anyway, last night I manually made it select the 1967 album and I get what you describe, which I agree is good enough.

I did have to correct the release date though. I have my albums tagged for that, so I need to look into why it isn’t picking it up, or at least letting me choose it (I had to use the “edit” field to manually enter it).