Shairport configuration

I’m trying to get my Windows system audio streamed through my Ropieee XL device.

There are a few different Windows software packages that ostensibly allow me to stream system audio to an Airplay compatible device: TuneBlade, AirParrot, and Airfoil are the ones I have found so far.

So far, these packages have not detected the shairport device on the network. And I downloaded iTunes for Windows, just to see if it would locate the device (even though I’m looking to stream the system audio, not iTunes, I figured that it would at least tell me whether Bonjour is able to find the shairport device), and it can’t find it either.

So, is the shairport always on by default? If not, how do I turn the service on and make sure it’s on whenever the device boots?

And there are options to add an airplay device manually. What are the default networking settings for the shairport-sync service?

The Beginner’s Guide has basically no configuration information for XL’s non-RAAT audio streaming options. Are there any threads people can recommend for troubleshooting? Airplay in particular, but anything that will let me stream system audio to my Ropieee XL, regardless of protocol, is fine.

Have you had a look at the XL tab in the web interface?

Yeah. It’s pretty sparse.

The shairport-sync tab has two options:

  1. Audio Output [USB/HAT]
  2. Volume Control [None/Hardware/Software]

There’s no information on what port it’s running on, although I understand the default would be 5000?

But before I get too far into the proverbial weeds: as a general matter, is it true that if I’m running XL, a person with a working iOS or Mac OS X device/PC who came into my wifi network should expect to see an Airplay 2 receiver as an output option without me having to do additional configuration?

XL only supports Airplay 1.
The reason why port numbers etc. are not exposed for configuration that in most cases you don’t need to.

Keep in mind; RoPieee is an appliance. If you want to ‘tinker’ manually with the configuration then this might not be for you.


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OK. Yeah, I don’t want to tinker with anything, but if the service is one of those Apple things that’s supposed to “just work,” and it doesn’t, tinkering starts to seem like the only way, short of actually buying a commercial streamer with Airplay.

Anyway, just for your reference: I borrowed my wife’s work phone, which is iOS, and the shairport service doesn’t show up in her Airplay menu. So I assume that means the shairport-sync is either not running, or running someplace unexpected, but to find out what’s going on, I would need to tinker. So I guess I’m out of luck.

You can send feedback and I can have a look.

Have you configured the output? DAC or HAT?

Hope this lasts with Airplay 1, because of this aac topic with Airplay 2.