Shairport, What is it and how do I install & use it on RoPieee

So I want to use Spotify and AmazonHD from my iPad to my all Signature. How do I do this? Is Shairport now built in to XL?

Does Shareport work with Roon?

If not, you’re in the wrong forum to ask how to use Spotify/Amazon HD with Shairport.

Maybe the RoPieee forum?

Yes, I’ve seen others commenting about being used with Roon via Ropieee so I’m trying to find out how to use it. That’s why I’m in the Ropieee section.

Both Airplay and Spotify are supported in XL.

If AmazonHD supports Airplay to stream to it should work with XL.

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So, is shairport just in the background or do I need to configure it somehow?

Just install RoPieeeXL. Only thing you need to configure is the output (see the web interface). That’s it.

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Awesome Thanks.

What is Shareport

It appears in my list of audio devices

If I play through it, it plays through my Auralic pre-amp

I don’t understand what it is - why should I use it