"Share" Button for Sharing Album Art in a Text or Email

I’d like to see a “share” icon or “Save Image” feature on Roon, so I can copy the image of the album I’m listening to and forward it to my audiophile friends in a text or email. Forgive me if this has this topic has been presented in previous posts.

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I agree completely. One can achieve this by exporting a track of the album, then extracting the image file using a tag editor. (I use Metadatics under OS X which I highly recommend.)

Quite why it has to be so complicated is beyond me. In Sooloos it was a lot simpler (ducks) as you could copy paste directly from the Edit Album pop-up, then paste to elsewhere in your computer.

Would be great if it could be made simpler.

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Another way would be to simply do a screen capture (print screen), crop the album cover in your image editor and save as an image file. Or even quicker, just google image search the album cover and save from there.

If you use Windows, the built-in Snipping Tool is also very useful…

^ This, at least on my iOS devices it’s a piece of cake and I post daily “what your you listening to” posts on another forum. Screen shot, followed by a quick crop in photos, and done.

I realize that there are many ways to work around this. What I am requesting is a built in feature to “share” what I am listening to with friends. iPeng had this when I used it to control my Squeezebox. It was simply a button called “share” that, when tapped, would allow me to email or text a cover of the album to anyone I wanted.

I now realize I titled my request incorrectly. It should have mentioned something about a “share” feature/button. I still wish such a thing existed.

And? Do you like it? :slight_smile:

Thanks for asking! It’s definitely a step in the right direction. However, it’s a bit cumbersome to share. I wish there was an option to share via text as well. Text is the mode of communication I use most frequently for quick sharing. But it’s a welcome addition to Roon.

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I really like the ‘Album Share’ feature of 1.3, especially for sharing in the Forum “what are you listening to”. However I believe it falls just a tad short. It would be great if when sharing an album it also captured the format of the album (i.e. 16x44.1khz; 24x96, MQA, etc). It’s great we’re sharing with each other music selections, but it would be even better if we got the format information too.