Share my VPN approach which works fine with iOS 15

Hi every one, I am New here and this is my first post.
Updated my iPhone se2 from iOS 14.2 to 15.1 yesterday ,then remote play failed while connect with tailscale.
After asked Doctor Google, Others who use L2TP VPN worked fine. So I configure tailscale to act same way ,then problem was solved.

My configure is as below.


1.Install Tailscale on both linux and iphone.
2.Set Linux as a exit node.(ip forward needs to be enabled)
Exit Nodes (route all traffic) · Tailscale
3.Restart roon services.
4.Actice vpn on iphone and select Linux server as exit node.
5.Open roon app,Go to setting audio,Give iphone a name.
Then enjoy.

My network have 100M upload bandwidth It took no more than 1S to discover rooncore
in my home while using 4G outdoor.

PS. Cause I am really satisfied with this approach ,Finally decided go to roon lifer.
Condolences for my money T.T


cannot really explain, but linux exit node worked where the windows one didn’t. I need to get a low power consumption exit node online considering this (and my local electric rates)!