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One of my favorite features of Roon is Roon Radio, which has helped me to discover a lot of new music. I posted yesterday in the Jazz thread about how Roon Radio helped me discover a Duke Ellington album that I didn’t know that even that I had. Today I am listening to an album that I would have never discovered withour Roon Radio.

Roon completed playing an Anat Cohen jazz album and then played some similar music including Anat Cohen playing Brazilian music. I liked the that music and played that particular album. When that album completed, Roon Radio played a song from this album by Jacob do Bandolim. The album, which is Choro music floored me. It is like listening to a wonderful alternative universe combination of jazz and bluegrass. I listen to a lot of Americana and “New Grass”, so Jacob Bandolim fits right in.

What music have you discovered through Roon Radio?

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I discovered through Roon radio after playing my own library Marcus Miller “M2” record this delicious live record (which I must admit I am not huge fan of live records) with Raúl Midon collaboration and very interesting medley songs