"Share" track with local Roon user?

This is an odd question and perhaps I’m just missing where this functionality or something similar lies in Roon but what’s an easy way to ‘share’ a track with another Roon profile on the same server?
I would guess the easiest is to just make a playlist or something and add tracks to it but is there anything else?
Use case is sharing tracks I find interesting with my partner who also uses my Roon server. It would be easier than tapping her on the shoulder and telling her to ‘look this up’.

I don’t know, but you could add a tag to the track such as “Share.” Then, she could use Focus to look at all the “Share” tracks.

Users have access to the same library there is no need to share with different profiles as anyone can play it and find it. Just make a playlist of it for her as Jim said add a tag, call it whatever you want. Focus on those tags and make a bookmark to look for those tags it will update each time you tag a new one.

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Oh I know users on the same server have the same tracks available to them lol. I was trying to simplify ‘try to find this artist with an incomprehensible name and a very specific track using Roon’s frankly kind of meh search functions’

So I actually initially thought bookmarks might be the way to go but I wasn’t sure if bookmarks were user specific?

Tag them as share or whatever, focus on them, and bookmark it (either on my account or hers?).

Sounds like a solid way to accomplish this.
Surely there’s a way within the API to ‘list’ a playlist, if so I guess I just poll that every once in a while and send a desktop notification to her with updates.

Thanks for the ideas <3

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And, hopefully, she could delete the tag if she was not interested in a given track.