Shareable Playlists - Community

Hi everyone,

Roon’s community is very active, there are lists here suggesting amazing musics, and there is no communication among us in Roon platform. The fact that we cannot share playlists is a serious issue.

I see myself in other services quite often looking for playlists. Idagio is amazing in this regard for classical music and this made me have a subscription there. Today I listen to classical music much more often there than in Roon.

I don’t know why Roon does not offer this option. I really don’t… The community is great and supportive. I’m sure we’d enjoy a lot to share our playlists - and not just lists here in this forum.

Please… shared playlists!!! This is a huge add-on.


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and a complete sentence: Roon sent me 5 emails about how great the next Roon version will be, but I still can’t share a serendipitous evening of music, with my friends, as a playlist?