Sharing data traffic on LAN

Core Machine

iMac 27"

Network Details

Fritzbox 7590
CAT7 cables

Audio Devices

Auralic Aries Mini (streamer)

Library Size


Description of Issue

finally I have moved from WLAN to LAN (Router → Streamer)
And I connected a Netswitch as well.
So data is transferred from the router to the switch,
and then from the switch to the streamer a n d to a TV.
It’s a strong and stable connection.

Now the audiophile :rofl: question regarding soundquality:
May the fact that my LAN now sends data for HiRes music and TV in parallel (somehow concurring)
have an impact on the soundquality ? At least technically ?
I did listening tests and I heard no difference.
I understood that the LAN does not transport music or movies, but data packages…

Thanks in advance.

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If the network is configured correctly and has enough bandwidth, then no.


Correct. Data packages. 1s and 0s over TCP/IP.

Relax and enjoy your music! :slightly_smiling_face:

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