Sharing discovered artists

Hi All,
A friend and I use Roon with Tidal and enjoy sharing discoveries of artists / albums / tracks. The issue we find with Roon is that we cannot easily share these. Would you please consider deploying a feature that allows Roon users to select “share” which would enable them to share a “link” via whatever method they wish to use e.g. Instant messaging, email “insert other options here” etc? I appreciate a user may try to share an “link” that is in a location the recipient doesn’t have access too such as the senders local or cloud based disk or streaming service (so this would flag an error for the recipient), but at least people could attempt to share more readily e.g. as previously stated, we both have Tidal! We currently resort to screen captures in Roon of what it is we want to share and send this to the other who has to then type in search what they see in the image. It would be better to be able to simply click a link and voilà! In this “social world” I imagine this would be a sought after feature. I appreciate we could navigate in Tidal and share that link, but if we have to do that, its going to be a one driver to not use Roon (even though there are many other great features in Roon we enjoy)
Thanks in advance…


Would love more community stuff in Roon.

I sometimes participate in ‘what are you currently listening to’ threads in forums too. Usually I do a screenshot of the ‘screensaver’ or something in Roon.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could share a nicely formatted info directly from Roon, with the album art, short review, release date etc, and show everyone Roon’s good looks and meta data. Hopefully Roon users could then easily find the album (from a Roon streaming service if not in their library - like ‘x shared this with you, it’s not in your library but it’s available on Tidal, would you like us to add it?’), and non Roon users would get all the info along with a way to download a free trial.

As an expansion, Roon could then have option to opt-in to data collection. See what’s trending in terms of people adding to their libraries, follow certain users who have similar tastes, ask other users about music? I’d be in.

Agreed an element of (opt-in) social media would be useful when Roon’s cloud services are in full swing. Roon could as an example connect users with similar tastes based on what’s being played. From a now playing perspective it’d be great if Roon could provide a copyable/pasteable link to AMG’s album page (assuming the links are readily available from the Rovi feed). On a forum I’m a regular on we use AMG’s 500x500 album art links to show album details. That coupled with the AMG album link would be a handy thing to be able to paste into forum threads and/or other social media.

Curated playlists would be fun. A Forum post with an upload or link to a playlist we can import into Roon.