Sharing Hard Disk

I am running a Nucleus Plus with a hard drive directly connected vis USB. Is there anyway to point my plex server running elsewhere on my network to that hard drive so I can also use the same library via Plex or is my only option to run Roon and Plex on a PC and point both of them to the hard drive connected to that PC? Thanks for any thoughts

I don’t know where you want to set that up in Plex. You may be able to do that using the OS of the Plex server to mount the remote share there but if the ripped music files are of any value for you, you should have a backup of them (to avoid having to re-rip them) anyway. So let Plex have it’s own copy of the music files, separate from the ones on the USB disk connected to the Nucleus+, is a good start IMHO. If you do so but because both of the copies are in active use you should consider saving even another copy somewhere save.


The usb drive attached to the Nucleus is shared and other computers can reach it, but, the Nucleus was not designed to be a file server to other devices. I would get another usb hard drive and make a clone of the drive attached to the Nucleus. And plug that one to the PC. (Or get an extra internal drive and do the same).

Thanks so much for the reply. I am in process of copying to a HD I am using for movies for Plex. Internal wouldn’t work so well as it as 2.6TB of music