Sharing made difficult — why?

Hi @support,

First of all: kudos for the new Display functionality with the Real Time Lyrics! Couldn’t see much use for it at first, but my wife, daughter and I have already had some cozy evenings, singing and yelling along with some songs!:slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I’m less happy with the new Sharing functionality. It used to be simple and user friendly: share via social media (which I don’t), or just save and upload or iMessage to friends. With the new functionality, both don’t work. When I click “Share via”, Roon crashes on my (2017) iPad. Saving an image to simply app or iMessage it to friends doesn’t work either. I have to copy a link and paste it in my iMessage thread. What’s worse, my friends no longer see the recommended album, but have to go to the Imgur site to see what I sent.

I happily promote Roon by sharing images, but I don’t want to promote Imgur. Most of all, this is very time consuming for everyone and not user friendly. Can the “Save picture” option please be restored?

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This works with the PC-Version >> save to desktop

I know. My point is, it also used to work on my iPad, but no more. I rarely control Roon from my Macs, mostly from my main remote, the iPad.

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It’s 2018, smartphone and tablets don’t have storage, and assuming they did, who are you to decide you want to store something there.

It’s 2018, smartphone and tablets don’t have storage

Mine does.

assuming they did, who are you to decide you want to store something there.

I own the device. It’s mine. What’s your problem, or point, for that matter?

Hello @Grump,

Thanks for contacting support. There has been a similar report to yours in another thread (Crash on share iPad Pro with share) and a ticket has been opened with our dev team. While I cannot comment on when this work will happen, the dev team is aware of this issue and the ticket is in their queue. I will be sure to update you once I have more information to share.


Yep. Crashes on my “non pro” ipad as well.

crashes on my “amateur” iPad air 2 …

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Equal frustration that the local save option is no longer there.

I’m totally in agreement, this is a step backwards and has made things less user friendly.

Hi @noris, thanks for responding to the first of my issues and good to hear a ticket has been opened! Could you please also address the second of my issues? It should be very easy to simultaneously solve both issues and restore or re-introduce a “Save Picture” somewhere in the menu of this screen?

Reporting the same problem. Using an iPad Air 2.

Thanks for posting this @Grump - I hadn’t used the sharing functionality before this release and, having just started, it made no sense to me that I couldn’t just save the image. I assumed I was doing something wrong…now I see it was by design…but hopefully that might change.