Sharing my library with other software

Hi, Library noobie question. I am wondering how much space will be required to import a 1tb library into Roon? I am also looking to have my library remain as it is so it can continued to be accessed by devices not compatible with Roon. Will the library be altered by importing it into Roon?

Best of both worlds I guess. I have Rock on s 7i5 nuc and have just added a NAS to the system for home media storage and playback.


Technically, you don’t import a library. You create a library by importing your music files. The library doesn’t contain the music files, just info about them. So for 1 TB of music, the library size would be significantly less than that. Generally, not a consideration. The music files remain unchanged.

For instance, I have the same music files in both Roon and JShiver. Roon and JShiver have their own unique libraries which catalogue the same music files. For Roon, it’s the libraries that are changed, not the media.

I too have 2 “servers” co existing . Roon & JRiver.

Roon reads your files BUT most importantly doesn’t write to them.

Once you load your Roon library at the start it creates the database that @xxx refers too , but bear in mind that Roon also “watches” your Storage Folder and if it sees any change to the file structure it will re read that file.

In my case JRiver writes tags to the files in storage (ie the opposite of Roon) and once written creates a “changed” file . Roon will detect that as a change and re import

In essence once you have loaded its better not to make too many changes as this may change the Roon Db , unless you want that to happen.

Alternatively if Roon fails to recognize say a composition, correcting the Tags in another piece of software can help trigger a read with better tags and improve the ID process. This is particularly helpful if you can change the Composition/ Part pair in Classical music (I have custom tags in JRiver for Composition and Movement)

Classical compositions are split into movements in Roon so making changes to this pairing in another software often helps (split the movements properly) as you cannot edit the file tags in Roon

Clear as Mud ???

PS the two servers co-exist quite happily. I use JRiver for both Audio & Video alongside Roon for Audio only.


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Thank you gentlemen, much appreciated.