Sharing playlists - anything happening, get arounds?

I’ve searched the forum but can’t see much on sharing Roon playlists. The last post requesting it was in 2020. Does anyone know if there’s been any progress on it. Or does anyone have a getaround that works etc etc.

In my case I want to share my reviewing playlist with a few people. To date I’ve duplicated it in Tidal (where a track is available, some aren’t), but maintaining two lists isn’t working (I chop and change the main list frequently).

nb most of the list is made up of Qobuz and Tidal tracks, I can manage with the few tracks from my own library not appearing in a shared list (or not being playable)


The inability to use any of the hand curated content / library of Roon outside the reach of the local Core is a pain point for some (many?) of us.

I oscillate between giving up on Roon and still hoping Roon 2.0 is already long in the making, will be released soon and includes Roon mobile. For sure I’ve given up on adding feature requests.

Unfortunately (but also understandable) the product roadmap is a black box.

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Doesn’t really have anything to do with sharing playlists. They are two separate features.

Sure. Again, I‘ve given up on thinking about or asking for features. All I care about are my (desired) use cases (and Roon mobile would satisfy quite a lot of these, where some would also be solved by sharing playlists).

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