Sharing playlists

I’ve just been re-directed here asking about how to share playlists. Apparently it’s not supported. Is that correct?

Am i the first person to make such a feature request? Is it difficult? no demand? Im a bit stumped

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Hi @Jonathan_Moore

If the tracks from the playlist are in your library, you can Export them and share them that way. We have more information on this here:

Are we serious here…exporting to share outside of the service, rather than share feature within the service to another Roon account? Is there anything more archaic in 2022?


Hey @Kent_Wood,

Thank you for reaching out with your comment and for visiting Roon Community. Sharing of playlists is something that we’re looking at, it just hasn’t gotten here yet. Thanks for sharing your interest.


Hey Jamie. Sharing playlists is a no brainer. Think about how that fuels the Roon community. How that’s good for Roons audience and it’s Brand. No brainer. Brainer


Another 9 months has gone by and still no word or ability on sharing within Roon with other users. I want to share the playlists I create…aka best way to bring in new users to Roon. I would have included that in the original release of Roon so as to not be behind the times all this time.


Is there a feature request for this that clearly articulates how social features / link sharing might work?

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Not having this feature is about to push me to drop Roon…

I want to share a playlist with a friend, too.
Sad that Roon considers this unimportant.

Can someone please make this a feature request & solicit votes? This thread will not get noticed.

I just looked all around in roon to share a playlist - ended up having to search to find this…

I should help guys

As I create a playlist for I can’t help thinking this would the greatest enhancement ever.

How does this have 4 votes…are people +1 but not voting??

Voted. +1 if there would also be a version for not just shared, but collaborative playlists. i.e. Multiple people can add to the playlist, or at least collaborators can suggest tracks that the playlist admin approves.

So I understand that nothing has been done to make this happen over past two years?
I do not really understand what is so difficult to make option to share or export playlist to file, or URL.I mean like all the music platforms, Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify, etc has option to share playlists.
Its great way to discover new music or share findings with others.
Real shame that RoonLabs devs don’t think this may be a good feature for users but also for platform itself