Sharper Separation of profiles - clearer description - better interaction Roon/Tidal

Two things would make Roon perfect:

  1. More than one person has to use it. That‘s truly not possible now.
  2. Simplicity.
    The „my“ grouping is a common grouping… i.e.changing of radiostations affects all of the profiles. Separate sharper. Take another word like Roon-library for making clearer that it affects all profiles.
    Separate sharper the Tidal-section from the Roon-section and let us decide in the „…popup“: „send to Tidal favorites“ (when you are in the roon section) or in the other direction „send to Peter‘s favorites“; „send to Mary‘s favorites“. And „send to library“ when it’s common.
    Then allow to have different Tidal subscriptions for different profiles.
    The same with playlists.(send to Tidal without hdd-titles of course…just give a warning like: 4 titles could not be added…or so)
    Use „my“ when it is MY (Peter‘s or Mary‘s). Use Tidal-xy when there is an interaction between Tidal and Roon. And use Roon-xy when it is common.
    Sharper - Clearer - Simpler - Perfect.
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