Shelby Lynnes ”Just a little lovin” Tape echo on 48KHz 24bit MQA 96KHz file?

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When tinkering with an AC mains filter and a new PSU for the Raspberry Pi, I did some ”critical” listening and discovered a faint voice in a silent passage of Shelby Lynnes ”Just a little lovin”. At 2.43 - 2.45 I can hear a couple of words being spoken/sung in the background.

Can anyone verify this anomaly, or is there something wrong in my setup?

Tape echo was not that uncommom back in the days, but it’s a really long time since I heard something similar. Anyone?

It’s not your setup. That’s bleedthrough on the original master tape. (Lynne recorded this to tape rather than digitally). It’s on every version of that album I’ve heard, including my audiophile vinyl pressing. Consider it a positive that your system resolves well enough to make such a subtle recording flaw become so apparent to you :slight_smile:

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I hear the same on the redbook as well as the SACD rip.

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It’s there when I listen straight on an iPad with my ATH-M50Xs too. Both MQA and Qobuz 24bit.

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You have a great system to hear it, but it is there. A lovely recording though…

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Thanks for the confirmation. Well that is what I hoped for, and then the new PSU and AC filter lowered the noise floor - enough for it to appear/be heard.

It was not audible before and I’ve listened to that track So Many Times. Thx again for your efforts!

And now I really have to build the new PSU for the headphone amp :slight_smile:

Glad I hear it with my simple Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 and Beyer Dynamics 770 pro (propably the most underrated headphone) without headphoneamp or lpsu or other funny stuff.

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Yep it is pretty easy to hear. It almost sound like pre-echo that was pretty common.way back.

Could actually hear it directly from my IPad Pro speakers. You hear the echo/reverb of “this whole world” before she actually sings it.

You all have crap systems, I cannot hear it at all on my wonderful system :smile:


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Just turn the volume up. It’s at 2.44 :yum:

Stay that way as once you hear it, you are done… Still a great track though…

Sometimes it’s difficult to unhear things like this. Chances are if you go back to something where you didn’t hear it before, you would now hear it. Honestly.

100% correct. Fundamental difficulty with A-B’ing.

This was the first time I listened to the song. I doubt I’d hear anything under normal listening conditions … hope so anyway.