Sheryl Crow Album MQA confusion

I have this album in Roon labeled as MQA 96. It plays as 16/44 not MQA and each track is listed as 24\48

In Tidal, the album I have selected is shown as Atmos

Any thoughts would be welcome

Might be mislabeled? Qobuz only has it at 16/44

Clearly mislabelled even down to track level… It’s all Atmos on Tidal.

MQA here, but 44.1/88.2 It’s mislabeled though.

Well, this is weird. Playing on a MQA DAC, it’s not MQA.

What the hell is going on now???

With Lumin native playback (no ATMOS), I got two versions of this album from Tidal:

  • MQA 24/44.1
  • non-MQA 16/44.1

Me too, but the first one you listed is not what it actually is.

I’m referring to the first track “If it makes you happy”.

Evidently, only one track is 24/44.1 MQA. The others are 16/44.1 FLAC. It’s labeled 24/48 MQA 96. “Everything Is Broken.”

@Chrislayeruk I’m not seeing this in the UK; TIDAL might have cleaned something up. Please would you confirm? Thanks.

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Indeed the track ‘Everything is Broken’ plays as MQA 24/96. The album version I have favourited in Tidal (via Roon) is labeled Atmos in the Tidal app. There is also a 16/44 version of the album in Tidal and Roon.
I don’t think labelling the whole album MQA based on one track is helpful at all. I don’t know if there is a mechanism to avoid this though.
Thanks for looking into it.

Chris, to clarify, I asked you to re-check in TIDAL’s apps. I’m not seeing a single track on any version of the album which is labeled as MQA or Atmos, which suggests that they’ve made a correction/change. This will propagate through to us in time.

It’s all Atmos just now in the Tidal app. I’ll take a look later.

Bizarre, not for me :confused: .

Related question… what does Roon do with an Atmos track?

It just plays 16/44 CD in this case…

Hmm. I’d like to understand why. Roon isn’t downmixing to 44.1 2.0 (is it?), so is this an alternate stream, or does the Atmos file contain such a stream?

Alternate stream. Not ATMOS.

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