Shift Roon to Roon server on MacMini [Resolved]

I run Roon as a core on my i7 MacMin 2011 with 8GB ram; OS: Sierras 10.12
Is it possible to shift to Roon Server in stead of Roon cause I want to use Ipad to full control the Roon Server instead of keyboard, mouse and monitor using.

Right now the Roon is installed on MacMini, just simple log-out Roon, then install Roon Server and login Roon Server, finally make all setting On RoonServer. (That means Roon and Roon Server is kept in the same time on MacMini). Once everything goes fine and runs smooth on RoonServer, then can delete Roon.

Please correct me if anything wrong on the progress.

@Ellen_NG see details here

Your Roon location is in your user library folder … in Finder hold down option a nd open under the go menu Library see

Rename your Roon folder to RoonServer
Download RoonServer for OSX and copy it to your Applications folder
Launch Roon Server

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one more question that i would like to ask, how about Roon bridge, should i in stall Roon bridge again?

Where do you want to install Roon Bridge?

If it’s the Mini, you don’t need it if Roon or Roon Server is running on the computer.

Cheers, Greg

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@Ellen_NG Any version of Roon / Roon Server or even Roon running as just a remote effectively runs Roon Bridge while it is running - even if its in the background. Roon Server always runs in the background as does Roon Bridge. You would only run Roon Bridge on an endpoint that is typically run headless. Many SBC devices also run Roon Bridge if you want a smaller setup for a DAC on a network with Raspberry Pi and Ropieee or DietPi as typical examples.

@Ellen_NG How did you go with the migration…any issues? Otherwise can we mark this as resolved?

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Yep, the migration is good and smooth.
thanks for your help and can be marked as resolved.


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