Short drop outs/glitches in playback

Roon Core Machine

Core is almost brand new Dell computer, 12 GB RAM, Windows Home 11, AMD Ryzen 2 4500U with Radeon Graphics. 64 bit OS, x64 based processor.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected to almost brand new Frontier modem via Ethernet (USB/Ethernet adapter on computer end).

Internet is 1 GB up and download via fiber, so about the best money can buy. Whole house Eero mesh system. I think everything is pretty top shelf so I am not sure why I am getting the cutting out.

Connected Audio Devices

Sending via Wifi to brand new Onkyo TX-RZ50 receiver.

Number of Tracks in Library

About 6,000 tracks.

Description of Issue

What happens is it plays fine, but every 20 to 30 seconds there is a short cut out of the music, enough to hear it. As if the signal is lost for just a millisecond. I had it set up with all wireless, then connected the computer to modem via Ethernet cable and that did not solve it.

I am in the 14 day trial, would love for this to work, but don’t want to pay for this as it is as I cannot listen to it!

I also put the music on a USB and play that on the Onkyo with no issues at all. So it seems NOT to be the receiver, but rather something in the transmission.

Hi as a troubleshooting measure can you try hardwiring the Onkyo to your LAN.

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Hi, thanks. I could try hardwiring the computer (which holds the core) temporarily to the Onkyo I suppose to test it, if that is what you mean. Hardwiring the modem to the receiver is not really possible. The modem is in another room, another floor. No feasible way to hard wire it. That is why I have 1 GB of wifi speed, fiber and Eero, for full house connectivity.

Did you mean to hardwire the core (PC) to the Onkyo and if so, how would I do that?


No, I meant temporarily hardwiring the Onkyo to your network router / switch to eliminate the WiFi.

If the dropouts stop you could investigate what might be interfering with the WiFi signal.
If no change of behaviour, the it rules out wifi issues.

That’s 100s of feet of cable over two stories, not possible. I had an OLD Sonos bridge before with same set up and never had that issue. Would it help to connect the Onkyo directly to the Eeros mesh box which is right next to it? I know it is still wifi but more direct?

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Hi, it’s worth a go … it would eliminate one segment of WiFi.

After that I think the Roon’s support team will need to take a look the Roon Core’s logfiles.

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I think I got it! I tried the ethernet to Eeos connection, but I also unplugged the old Sonos bridge that was sitting by my modem (unused now that I have Roon). I think the Sonos bridge was sending some type of interference signal. It seems all good now. I disconnected the Eeos from ethernet and it still was OK. Fingers crossed! Thank you. The Sonos gave me nothing but trouble for years, I really wanted Roon to work.

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Mine too.

I’ll mark this is solved, which will automatically close the topic in a couple of days.
I hope not but if needed message me and I’ll reopen for you.

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