Shortcut Button for Phase Invert

Could we please have a shortcut icon button on the app to change phase on the go?

For me this would be greatly appreciated.

Yes please!!
I had an invert function on the remote of my Devialet amp. After I sold the amp I really miss the invert switch a lot (the sound quality of the amp too :worried:).

Unexpected… Why?!


To flip absolute phase. I find it makes a difference on some tracks, not all. My DAC allows me to flip so I don’t use it in Roon but that’s the use case.

There’s a track/album metadata field for phase, informally in comments, at least. Do you know if Roon detects and honors this? Audirvana does if the INVERTPOLARITY comment is present in track metadata. Not everyone is sensitive to absolute phase, but some folks are (typically headphones listeners).

Could be implemented in Procedural EQ with a conditional that examines track metadata.

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Must be something very simple to implement. For instance the dCS app has an icon to invert phase.
There are actually a lot of recordings (namely almost all older ones) that were recorded using inverted phase, so it’s an album by album scenario.
And it’s not subtle at all on some…