Shortcut to add artist photo when there is none

When there is no photo for an artist, perhaps there could be a shortcut to add photo that does not require the 3 dots, then edit, etc. to be performed. This shortcut would disappear when there is an artist photo.

Adding photos gets to be a lot of clicks when doing a bunch in a row.


Good idea. :slight_smile:

I would like to have that shortcut / button also for the many artist pictures which need replacement - like those super mini thumbs one gets time and again for classical musicians / composers and which at times give a worse impression then no picture at all.
Maybe something like a “Change image button” could get shown when one clicks on a Roon artist provided picture?

Me likey!:+1:

Agree, I do much more of this with the Now Playing page.
And @mike has said the NP page will scroll among all the primary artists like the Display page, so it is more important to have full size pictures.