Shortcut to Roon gone

The shortcut to open Roon has disappeared from my desktop but works fine on my iPad. How do I get it back on my desktop?

If you’re using Windows and used the default installation options, add a new shortcut (right click the desktop → new) with the following target:
C:\Users\<Your Windows User Name>\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\Roon.exe

(Edit: had to add an escape to get the link displayed properly)

Assuming you are using a Mac, you can find the app in the Applications folder (or via the “View” menu bar in the Finder. Once you’ve found the roon app, just drag it’s icon to the dock.

If you want it on your desktop, as opposed to the dock, you can right click (or control click) the app, and then create an “alias” which you can then place on the desktop.