Should Bluesound products have Roon ready status

Whilst my Node 2 is great on its own, I really want to use it in sync as a multiroom device like my other Roon ready endpoints do. But I cant as we all know sync is bust with other non Bluesound RAAT devices.

I don’t think this is acceptable, I don’t know who’s responsible for it not working and frankly don’t care the device is sold as being fully Roon Ready and should work. This needs sorting as it’s being sold on false pretences. This is not a new problem and really Roon should not be endorsing any of their devices if the functionality that’s part of the certification process does not function.

Disappointed I can’t have the same albums playing in different rooms without them being out of sync with now way to bring them inline.


Hello @CrystalGipsy,

We received an update from Bluesound on this issue recently, they have identified the cause of the behavior and have committed to releasing an update to fix this issue.



Blimey did not expect any response today. Thank you for the update, this is very good news.

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Good news indeed. Been driving me crazy…

Same with me. I had decided to go with Bluesound just because of Roon… and had to learn that this combination does not work properly at all.
So I really hope this will finally get solved! So thanks for this good news!