Should copied WAV files automatically show up in my Library?

I’m a new Roon user and have a simple question:

I have copied a bunch of WAV files to a folder where my Roon Librray exists.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the newly copied music anywhere when I browse through my tracks using the Roon app (on a Mac Desktop). I was expecting to see the tracks show up as Unidentified and that I would have to Tag them somehow but can’t seem to find them anywhere.

What’s the procedure for adding new files/music?

If the library you have dropped them into is one that is already monitored by Roon for music then yes they should have.
So under settings:storage.

I have a thousand or more wav files in my library

Just an example and they all showed up as identified and with album art.

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How long should it take for Roon to re-scan/identify new Music?

I just noticed that the new Music is now identified (a week later) but when I was monitoring it previously (when I initially added the files a week ago), it couldn’t find it.

Are the files local or on a NAS?

Depends on what your library analysis settings are.
Check settings: library.
Probably set at throttled which will take longer but has less effect on the response of Roon while they are being analyzed

  1. The files are stored on a NAS (Synology)
  2. Yes, the analysis is set for Throttled. For this setting, how long should Roon realistically take for a Library that is not that big (12,000) tracks?

Potentially, Roon might never discover new music on a NAS. Only one reason why many people don’t put their music on a NAS.

Force a re-scan.

Depending on cpu and what else is going on at same time on the pc maybe 24 to 48 hours for a fresh analysis.

But as @xxx if in doubt force a rescan

However it sounds like they are now there correct?

Potentially, Roon might never discover new music on a NAS

Wow! That’s a puzzling answer. Doesn’t that suggest a flaw in the software?

However it sounds like they are now there correct?

Yes, correct. The added Music is there now (at least a week later). Given that I didn’t regularly monitor the Library, I have no idea how long it took.

On throttled it was probably a day at least.

Good to know it’s sorted now though

Some NAS OSes do not supply the tap on the shoulder that Roon needs.

No it’s a pretty standard thing and nothing Roon can do about it. The Nas doesn’t necessarily provide real-time file system updates to network attached devices so Roon has no way of knowing it’s got new files until it’s next rescan. If I have a folder open on my pc to my Nas it also doesnt see new files until I go out back in the folder. I had the same issue with Plex on a computer and media stored on my Nas it would never update until a scheduled rescan. It’s better with some OS than others, set the rescan interval in Roon to be hourly its standard is 4hrs I think.

I restart the server every time I add files to my NAS folders. Fast, easy and predictable…

Using force rescan from the library section of the app surely is easier than doing that each time?

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