Should Dragonfly be Detected Specifically When Connected to iPhone?

When I connect a DF to an RPi endpoint’s USB port, Roon is able to pick up that it’s connected, and shows the line drawing for the DF, and shows the DF as part of the signal path:

but when I connect my DF Red to my iPhone using the camera adapter, Roon can only see as far as the USB Output, and doesn’t detect the DF.

I can hear sound through the Dragonfly, and can configure the device settings as necessary, but I thought that Roon would detect the DF like it does on other endpoints. Is this a shortcoming of the iPhone zone, or is there something I’m missing?

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Is your iPhone set as a private zone? Private is the default setting

Hello @vaguedetails,

USB DAC device identification does not work when using the Apple CCK with an iOS device.


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Thanks John.

Hi, what resolution are you getting from the DF Red with the iPad? the full 24Bit/96KHz?


Yup. Magenta lights up on the DF.

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Thank you very much, I think that´s what i’ll do. Use my iPad as an endpoint with the DF Red.

Thanks again.

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Thanks. Found this strange and thought I was doing something wrong. Cheers

Is is an iOS limitation or something we can expect to work in the future?