Should I be able to find album artist in search?

I added a unique album artist name for one of my library CDs (for the purposes of testing):


In my album view I can see the saved album artist:


I then tried a search and no results are returned:

I started down this rabbit hole because search doesn’t find track names or performed by artists listed in my various artists compilations (in my local library).

Surely I must be doing something dumb? This seems a very simple search request.

I just did the same test and the only way I could find the “vaalbumartist” was to use the filter from the “Albums” section in “My Library”

Thank you for your message. I can confirm that I am also able to find the album using the filter option. However this approach does not work to find the performer on a track of a Various Artists album.

Even though this does work - it a bit lame. I assumed the benefit of search is that I can blend the search results from Tidal, Quboz and my local library. Maybe I have missed the point or my use-case is unusual?

Why are you adding a unique artist name. You are testing but what is your goal?

As I mentioned, I am trying to find track names and “performed by” names in my various artist compilation albums. Here is a further (real) example on this compilation album:


If I drill into the track listing you can see a track “Rio” by Michael Nesmith:

I then search for “Rio” and select the “see all results” option. I then selected the show tracks/more and filtered by the artist. Only one result is returned and its not the compilation album shown above:

In fact the track list presented without the artist filter has dozens of less valuable track results like this one (presumably matched “riot”):

It still didn’t show the result for my compilation album (or another compilation that has the same track).


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