Should I lower the sample rate in Roon to match my DAC

My DAC can only do 192/24. Should I lower the setting on Roon to the rate?

My DAC only does 44.1-48/16, and that’s what I have configured in Roon device setup - Max Sample rate and Max Bits per Sample. Redbook files or streams will be bit perfect, high res will be downsampled, but I actively avoid this. I don’t do DSD nor MQA and I am very happy with my sound.

Thanks. But does it change the SQ if the the sample rate on Roon is set higher than the DAC?

If, as in my case, Roon doesn’t know anything about my DAC (it is connected by I2S, not USB), then how should Roon know that it has to downsample a high res file that my DAC can’t reproduce? I’ve never tried, but I believe if Roon sent higher res streams than can be decoded by my DAC, I wouldn’t have sound at all.

It won’t play if it’s ACTUALLY a higher rate than your DAC supports so I suspect Roon is already down sampling it for you. You can check to see what’s happening under DSP/Sample Rate Conversion.

@Dave_Richardson. Thanks. I can try. But, I don’t have any files over 192/24.

Just to be clear about a point; if your DAC is connected via USB to the Roon core or a Roon endpoint, it can usually announce its capabilities to Roon, and Roon will automatically downsample any higher res material which is not supported by the DAC. If the DAC is connected via S/PDIF or I2S, it will not announce its capabilities to Roon, and in this case the user has to make sure the device is correctly set up.

If you wish to upsample all lower-res material to the supported 192/24, you can do that with DSP settings… that has nothing to do with the basic device setup.

I think I misunderstood you. Or more likely, confused. Why are you asking about down sampling to that rate if you don’t have files higher than that?

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Not looking to down sample. Just wondering if my DAC is limited to 192/24 is there any reason to have Roon set for 384/32?

@Andreas_Philipp1. Thanks. Yes my MHDT Orchid is connected via USB to my Nucleus.



That’s a nice DAC. As it is a NOS design, I think it is best to send it the native resolution of the source material, up to 192/24.

I’d love to listen to the Orchid and Pagoda and compare to my current DAC.


Thanks. I’m really loving the DAC. It replaced my Oppo 105.

I upsample everything to 192/24 for the Orchid.

I probably have Roon configured to downsample to that rate too, but I haven’t seen that happen.

Since I have a headroom adjustment enabled, Roon converts to 64bit depth.

TBH, I haven’t experimented with these settings since I moved to the Orchid DAC and performed mods. Maybe I should go back, but that seems like fine tuning compared to the other changes I’ve been exploring.

At one point I had Roon set to do maximal upsampling for each DAC, based on its capabilities.
Then I turned it off, sent original data to the DACs and let them do their own thing (all of them upsample, of course).
I didn’t notice any difference.
Another of the meaningless tweaking movements.


The MHDT Orchid DAC is a non-oversampling R2R DAC… But even so, I wouldn’t upsample, either.

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Experiences will vary. I tried upsampling and definitely did hear a difference - a kind of super-clarity. In the end, though, I decided that it sounded artificial, so I turned it off.

Thanks so what should I set the Orchid to to prevent over sampling ? 48/16?

I would set it to 192/24 as this is its max. All music up to this will be sent bit-perfect, all higher res music will be automatically downsampled.

BTW, I have read many very positive reviews of your DAC. I have a wonderful sounding Japanese NOS R2R DAC and I really don’t need another one at the moment, but nevertheless would love to audition the MHDT Orchid and Pagoda. :wink:

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Thanks. Yea it’s a sweet sounding DAC. I rollled into a WE 396A D Getter tube. Sounds amazing.

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