Should I move the Core off the MacBook Air to a dedicated hardware device?

Pros and Cons? I use my macbook air all the time, but if I have it closed I have to walk across the house to open the computer, all the while my remote (ipad iphone) are ready to go (and the endpoints of course.)

What successes have people had putting the Core on a dedicated hardware?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve been running Roon Core on a Sonic Transport i5 with library stored on NAS for over a year with no issues. If you have a really powerful NAS, you can run Roon Core on that, as well. I tried it but my NAS didn’t have enough HP and I got dropouts. I didn’t do any A:B comparisons, so I can’t say for sure if the SQ is better but it sure is more convenient to have an always on Roon Core device.

It sounds like you are the perfect candidate for a separate core. I wouldn’t do it any other way.

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Hi @Matthew_Partrick,

Check out the Sound_Quality page in the Roon Knowledge Base esp. the Our Recommendations section.

ROCK is also an option fully supported by Roon as a dedicated appliance. It runs on an Intel NUC, or can be bought complete as a Roon solution called Nucleus.

Thank you very much; I’ll read this over the weekend.


I have a i7 16 gb win 10 desktop in the study behind doors away from my listening area. Works fine, wouldn’t close to the hifi because of fan noise


The current NAS I’m using is a Synology model, maybe 9 months old. Wonder if I could put the core on that?

If I did move the core from my MacBook Air to a dedicated hardware, how do I tell Roon about the change?

Ok here’s the real question. The Macbook Air is an early 2015 with 8gb RAM and an intel core 2.2 i7. The Synology drive I bought has 512 mb RAM and a Marvel Armada dual core 1 ghz but is basically brand new.

Will moving the core to the NAS hurt or help? I’m frequently running into slowly loading albums.

This is looking like I need to sell the current Synology NAS and upgrade. Before I do that is it at least worth trying the core on the NAS? How would I go about doing that?