Should I Power Down my NUC ROCK whilst on holiday?

Last time I went away for a week I left my ROCK powered up - but on my return it needed a lot of coaxing to fire up again and (I don’t know if this is connected) it lost a lot of album cover images

So leave it on for long idle periods or not?

My NUC has been on 24 x 7 x 365 for two or more years without issue, so I’d leave it on.

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I see no reason to keep it running if not in use for a long time.


My entire system comes on and goes off for each session

I normally start it an hour or two early and let it do a playlist before I start listening, that let’s the clock and quads in particular settle in

I think the whole lot uses only 2-300W of power, but I see no point in wasting that 24/7 if I’m not using it

For a casual listen I stream Tidal to my LS50Ws/REL - but again that is only powered up when I use it

My nucleus has been on for over 2 1/2 years

Day to day, I don’t power down my ROCK or my DAC.

Going away for an extended period, coupla days or more? Yes, power down and avoid any corruption due to a power outage that might occur while you’re gone. Why keep it up if you have no opportunity to use it?

Power down the entire system. You help the environment and protect against lightning strikes


Mines powered down and up at least daily. With recent power outages we have experienced it’s been 2 and sometimes 3 times a day

I have run Roon on 2 x desktops and now a NUC/ROCK in this way for 6 years and have (touch wood) never had a problem. I suspect the OP issues were unrelated to powering.

My vote is obviously power down, especially if you expect lightening

Yup. If I’m planning to be away, I pull the power cords and also the network cables from my NUC and also my Devialets. Once 25 million volts hit your system, you can’t assume that switches and routers will protect anything !