Should I Re-rip? Replay gain?

FI’m 84 albums into ripping my 2000 or so collection. Problem is I ripped as per dbpoweramp recommendations. Replay gain is enabled in DSP settings. Should I start again with that filter disabled? AFAIK it only adjusts metadata?


No need to rerip, it’s metadata only. If you want, remove the rg metadata using a tag editor.

Cheers @evanand ! Any suggestions on a tag editor? Tag & Rename seems popular

For Windows I’d use mp3tag.

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I second evand’s suggestion of mp3tag.

You could use the dBPoweramp batch converter to strip the tag out, I’d have thought.

Why would one want rid of the replay gain tag?


Roon does its own analysis, RG tags aren’t needed.

But they are not used by Roon so what harm is it having them there?

If you want to run assist or LMS the replay gain tags are very useful.


Agreed, if you’re listening to a SmartMix in LMS it’s useful, but I’m guessing the OP doesn’t use LMS. I’ve killed it too, Roon adequately addresses my playback needs at present, I can wait for Radio.

I just think if it does no harm, leave it there. It’s just a tag Roon doesn’t use (currently). Personally I find the dBPoweramp replay gain figures a more accurate volume leveller than the Roon reading.


That’ll soon change for the better.[quote=“mike, post:23, topic:167, full:true”]…note that we also have some plans to move away from ReplayGain in the future.[/quote]