Should I use PEQ?

I’m using a Yamaha AVR for HT/Surround Sound, multi-channel music, and also as a preamp for an external amp for stereo music. The Yamaha has a PEQ feature called YPAO. This is certainly intended for HT room correction, but the EQ curves generated for the fronts can be applied when playing stereo music.

My stereo music sources include vinyl and streaming (Roon/Rock/NUC → Pro-Ject DAC).

If I’m using the Yamaha’s PEQ, does it make any sense to also use Roon’s PEQ?

Thanks, Dave

No, if you use one, the other is not necessary.


I would say use whatever sounds good for you.

The nice thing about the room correction features in AVRs is they are all automatic. The nice thing about Roon is it’s infinitely more tunable. Don’t use both at the same time though or they will fight :wink:


In theory, you can use one first, then the other for any residual correction, but such an exercise wouldn’t make much sense.


Thanks for the advice. I disabled the PEQ in Roon, reran the YPAO room correction. Sound is now clearer and more balanced. Sometimes I just need to get out of my own way.

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