Should "Play Album" toggle shuffle to "Off"?

What does “Play Album” mean to you? Do you find yourself frequently using it with shuffle engaged? Or, like me, do you curse in frustration at the convoluted steps required to re-queue an album when you didn’t realize you had left Roon set to shuffle for playlists the night before? Open to being convinced that this is a feature and not a hindrance…but what say you all?

Middle ground would be an easier way to toggle shuffle, away from the queue screen.

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I mean, in feature request threads we often see a request for the use case, why someone would want X feature. What’s the current use case? No judgement :slight_smile:

After mulling it over, I can easily see how the reverse behaviour would be frustrating to others in exactly the same way it currently is to me.

So my frustration really boils down to this:

If the queue is empty there is currently no way to toggle or even see the current shuffle state.

(iOS only, I don’t know if this is universally true)

I agree it would be good to be able to check shuffle status by for example tapping on the volume icon when you have nothing playing or queued, as a workaround I normally hit the back arrow for the last played track check and change shuffle status as required then queue the album I want, it works although I admit it is clunky.


This is how I envision it, although maybe it runs counter to the goal for simplicity on the pawmasher screen. Since there are rumored changes to the app in the works and the discussion about one click play is getting some traction, just wanted to get my 2 cents in.

I didn’t understand your question at first: Play Albright m is very clear to me, and I use it almost all the time. But now I see your point, it’s about the Shuffle button. And I have a simpler solution. I think every indicator should be an active button. Today, on the thin play ribbon at the bottom of the browser, the Shuffle symbol is just an indicator, you have enter the Playing Queue scr en to switch it. Just make it a button, and make it visible even if the queue is empty. (And the same for the repeat symbol.)

I think your solution doesn’t quite work because I may want to do the same thing for Play Next and Add to queue.)

Couldn’t agree more. The space for the shuffle indicator is already there, so making it clickable seems simple enough. Although it remains true the indicator doesn’t show at all when the queue is empty (edited: I see you addresed that as well, my bad!)

Hi Lorin,

My view, for what it worth, if implemented it would be more difficult (aka frustrating) for a user to play an album in shuffle mode, (I think you concede that in a latter post) though that said I’m not a fan of the current shuffle play controls either which are also frustrating … see:

I think the whole UI around this needs an overhaul (‘pawmasher’ included).

I hope this forum discussion highlights and opportunity for Roon to re-evaluate.