Should Roon or Allo Digione Signature downsample?


My DAC (Audio Note 0.1x) accepts 16bit as a max sample rate, so I have to downsample some of my music. My question is - is it best to let Roon do the downsampling in the Digione device setup, or should I send through the full signal and let the Digione downsample before it sends the signal on to my DAC.

I think it would be best done within Roon and leave the Digione Signature solely as an endpoint. Maybe it makes no difference ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Has anyone got any science to bring to this party?
Cheers, Bob

Your Roon Core will have a lot more available CPU for it…

If Roon has to downsample to get to the Digione (e.g., 32->24) and then the Digione is downsampling from that to 16, well it’s obvious to do it in Roon as double dithering should be avoided.

If the Digione takes a full 32-bit itself, then you are getting into differences in the dithering algorithm used by Roon and the Digione and whichever one sounds “most pleasing” to you.

(I don’t have a Digione, so don’t know what it is capable of accepting as input.)

Yes I think I trust the Roon engine a bit more than I do the Allo. I don’t think I can actually hear a difference.

I’ll just have to learn to live with the green signal path indicator instead of the crystal blue ‘Your Signal’s Not Being Messed With’ indicator.

The DigiOne can take 32 bits in. I would let Roon handle it.