Should Roon work without internet?

This morning I lost my internet stream. I understand that Qobuz and Tidal wont work.

But my Roon Core is on a local macintosh that is connected with ethernet to my router. In my mind it wouldn’t be a problem to play my local music from Roon. But is it? No local music works to play in Roon without my internet stream at this time.

Any ideas, some one?

Hi @Bernt_Mansson

Yes, Roon should be able to work locally without an internet connection. When you tried to play local files what happened? Did you get any error messages?

What were you using for the roon remote when you had this issue? My IPAD doesn’t work as a roon remote when the internet is down but my PC and android phone remotes do work.

an ipad usually also works without internet.
but you need to convince it :wink: