Should Ropieee work on a Raspberry B+ with HiFiBerry Digi?

I have an older Raspberry Pi B+ with HiFiBerry Digi HAT.

A Ropieee boot SD won’t boot. It just shows the multi-colored screen and the green LED flashes 7 quick times, delays a bit, then repeats.

The funny thing is, I can boot DietPi on this device. And the Ropieee disk boots fine on a Pi 3 Model B and works as expected with Roon.

Is this behavior expected? (i.e. Ropieee won’t work on my older gear). Or have I missed something?

Many Thanks.

I’ve run it on an old b+. Sounds like it didn’t install properly. I take it you did a fresh install of Ropieee for it? I don’t think you’ll be able to reuse the image from the pi3 it would need a fresh one it won’t have whats needed for the

RoPieee requires a Pi 2 or higher.

Ahh maybe it was v2 then cant remember which is which now as I have bought that many over the years,

Yes, I burned a new image each time. @spockfish says Ropieee needs Pi 2 or later, so it’s probably time to retire the B+ although it works well enough with DietPi and BubbleUPnP.

Thank you sir! Time to splurge on an update. This is my first time using Ropieee and I like it very much so far. Will donate soon methinks. :sunglasses:

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Roon Bridge needs an ARMv7 CPU to run as well.

If you want to use the B+ with Roon, you can run DietPi with Squeezelite – it will be visible as a Squeezebox endpoint to Roon.

But whatever you do, donating to Harry is always a good idea. :wink:

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Pi3B+ with a hardware revisioncode (/proc/cpuinfo) of a020d3 works fine using ropieee with a MiniBoss attached.

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@spockfish … since I was reminded by RBM’s last line … I must do 1234 using paypal against 321 as one does on ebay :sweat_smile: